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Hot Billet Brushing (New)

2000 Vickers Hardness of aluminum oxide. In fact, a hard material used in metal etching and sandblasting work. Wearing of the mold to produce aluminum profile, the most important because the temperature of the mold and then aluminum oxide. When aşınmadığı mold surfaces, anodized surfaces after the profile is much smoother. For reduced mold wear, printed in the number of billets increased by 50% to 100%.

Billet surfaces, rank the following reasons, aluminum oxide (Al²O³) is composed.

  • Billet during molding due to cooling with water,

  • Due to a homogeneous temperature in the furnace,

  • Ambient conditions for interaction with oxygen and other gases, aluminum,

  • Of transport and storage conditions unfavorable for pollination and other factors,

  • Annealing furnace before extrusion.

Ourselves, making brushing machine design and production of hot billets. Moving the technology we use computer technology in the process of brushing the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control, we've made it feasible. There are places in this system is working actively produce our references.

Brushed and unbrushed billet is clearly visible on the difference image on the right.


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