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Cooling System for Profiles

Pressing the exit of the hot extruded profile (approximately 550 ° C) is placed underneath a special quick cooled by blowing ducts. Fast cooling of the profile is very important in terms of heat treatment and mechanical strength.

This system is used in many places according to radial fans, makes 10 times more cooling. Roll and increase the life of Kevlar belts in fast cooling profile is very important. Accounts of this cooling system is custom made and tested, only the temperature field profile acts.

Radial fans, cable and electric lines to each engine problems are eliminated. Cooling can be adjusted as desired by the inverter control. Also saves energy.

Average (2mm meat) profiles of 10 meters or even 150 ° C to 200 ° C, the cooling carried out.

Under proper conditions, the air intake system work more efficiently when the outside air is receivable.




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